RICCO Y1223 3-in-1 Adjustable Wave Slide and Swing Kids Toddler Nursery Activity Play Centre with Basketball Hoop

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  • Unique design, suitable for children aged 2 - 6 years. Made from premium sturdy plastic.
  • Combination with slide, swing and basketball hoop. Height adjustable basketball hoop.
  • 2-Level height adjustable wave slide, Non slip safety steps, Non slip swing support. Height adjustable swing, Lock and open safety guard. Soft cushioned backrest and Y type safety belt.
  • Easy assembly and storage. Product Size: 122*187*122 cm
  • Minimum Age: Swing: from 12 Months, Slide: 2-6 Years Olds.

Made in South Korea with unique design. Made from premium sturdy plastic. Minimum age: swing: from 12 months, slide: 2-6 years olds.


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