Mini 2.0 CHANNEL Ultra Light Aluminium USB Portable Travel Speaker - MD5

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MINI 2.0 CHANNEL Ultra Light Aluminium USB Portable Travel Speaker For Laptop Desktop MAC Computer Netbook - Plug-and-Play to any 3.5mm headphone socket eg iphone 4 3GS iPad Mobile Phones Laptops Mac-Ricco MD5


Music Source:

* USB Flash Drive Plug and Play Audio Technology

  Simply connect the USB Flash Drive into the top of the speaker, it will playback automatically.

*3.5mm Audio Input: Connect it to any 3.5mm device (e.g. an iphone)headphone socket.


* Latest Audio DSP (Digital signal processing) Technology, Convenient easy audio plug-in connection to any multimedia device with 3.5mm headphone socket, eg mobile phones or a laptop.

* Compatible with MicroSD Card Playback, Convenient Power Source: 5V USB Self Powered with  BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY.

* Very Light aluminium body, Total Weight only 250g. Dimension: 74mm×50mmx53mm

* Powerful Output: 6W (RMS), S/N Ratio=79dB,Impedance:4 ohms, Frequency:80Hz-20kHz.

* Compatible with Any Laptop/Desktop Computer with USB Port, PC and MAC compatible Computer OS: Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS X (10.4 or higher)

* 5 Playback function keys: Play/Pause, Forward, Backward, VOL+, VOL-

* ON/OFF Rechargeable battery Switch, Bottom LED battery status light.

* Built-in MicroSD Card MP3 songs Reader/Player


ONE Mini Speaker with USB cable

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